2016 and beyond..


I'm back! Having been off the tour for many years whilst I pursued various business interest within the golfing sector, I have decided to come back as I simply miss it too much. I'm under no illusion just how tough 2016 is going to be but I do love a challenge...


My diary can be seen elsewhere on this website, so hopefully I will get to see you at some point - if you see me on the practice grounds, come and say hi!


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my sponsors for their support, for your branding opportunity - click here

What's in the bag?


The majority of tour professionals will agree, that precision equipment, tailored exactly to your game is essential for a consistent performance. If you want to perform at your very best and compete on tour, then what you carry in your bag must deliver every time.


Having confidence and familiarity with your equipment brings a calming reassurance, this confidence will hopefully deliver success and consistency on the course....